The National Digital Inclusion Alliance (NDIA) wrapped up its first National Conference in Kansas City in May.   NDIA is a unified voice for local technology training, broadband access and public broadband access programs.  NDIA recently wrapped up its first national conference held at the Kansas City Public Library.  Nearly 200 attendees participated in presentation, discussions and networking surrounding the multitude of issues related to accessible broadband service to underserved parts of the country to families on limited budgets.

Access to computers was the topic of several sessions and attendees were provided with information regarding the formation of the Alliance for Technology Refurbishing and Reuse (AFTRR).  Several nonprofit refurbishing organizations were in attendance and have since become partners with the National Cristina Foundation so as to be a member of AFTRR.

A common thread throughout the conference was the need for collaboration and joining of forces of all organizations involved in any aspect of addressing the digital divide.  This includes the broadband initiatives, the refurbishing organizations and the organizations focusing on web content designed to educate new users to digital world.

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